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Deploying a Suspicious Activity Bot in Azure Commercial or Azure Government
5/24/2017 | Microsoft Azure Government | 4
Having spent many years in the Public Sector space, I have made a lot of friends on both the contractor and government employee sides of the aisle. So we are always having conversations about how Azure is making the world better both commercially as well as in the Public Sector space. Because of that,

Cloud News
Azure Database Migration Service announcement at //build
5/10/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 6
Today at //BUILD, Microsoft announced a limited preview of the Azure Database Migration Service which will streamline the process for migrating on-premises databases to Azure.  Using this new…

Microsoft launches Azure IoT technical training, developers can start quickly with IoT
5/10/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 6
Sometimes it can be challenging for enterprise developers to start an IoT project, especially with all the overwhelming amount of technical information online. This usually means that a developer who is interested in learning how to create IoT solutions needs to look for documentation in different locations

Announcing Windows Server Container orchestration with Azure Service Fabric
5/10/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 6
Many of you have existing workloads either already running inside containers, or are moving to containers as the first step to run in the cloud. Running a traditional application inside containers is…

Massive-scale cloud rendering with Autodesk on Azure
5/10/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 6
I’m always amazed by the mind-blowing visual effects in today’s movies, but I know rendering these effects is one of the most complex aspects of a cinematic production. It is hard to find the right…

Optimize your apps for your business with Azure Application Insights
5/10/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 4
Starting today, Application Insights is releasing several new features and enhancements to help you monitor the performance and usage of your apps. Now you can watch the health of all the components…

A technical overview of Azure Cosmos DB
5/10/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 6
Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, horizontally partitioned, multi-model database service. The service is designed to allow customers to elastically (and independently) scale throughput and storage across any number of geographical regions.

Azure Cosmos DB: The industry’s first globally-distributed, multi-model database service
5/10/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 5
Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Azure Cosmos DB.

New innovations at Microsoft Build 2017: Helping developers achieve more
5/10/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 4
More than ever, organizations are relying on developers to create breakthrough experiences. From start-ups to enterprises to government agencies, developers are creating new digital experiences that are redefining organizations to empower us all.

Increased Path Length for Files in SharePoint Online and OneDrive
5/10/2017 | Rene Modery | 7
Yesterday, Microsoft announced another small but great change to SharePoint Online and OneDrive: in previous versions of SharePoint you were limited to a maximum path length of 256 characters. This meant that if you had a very deep folder structure, potentially also with long file or folder names, you

Batch:Preview Features
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
Low-priority Batch for Linux and Windows VMs introduces access to surplus capacity using Azure Batch. At discounts up to 80%, Low-priority Batch increases the flexibility and cost-control for large-scale workloads, allowing you to mix and match low-priority and on-demand VMs. More

CosmosDB:General Availability
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 4
DocumentDB is now CosmosDB, a superset of the original DocDB modality which adds additional capabilities and pricing options. Azure Cosmos DB is the first globally-distributed data service that lets you to elastically scale throughput and storage across any number of geographical regions while guaranteeing

Site Recovery:General Availability
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
Site Recovery is now available in Azure Germany. More

Backup:General Availability
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 3
Azure Backup is now available in Azure Germany. More

Storage Blobs/Tables/Queues/Files:Retiring Features
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
Effective May 15, 2017, storage accounts will be available only in the Azure portal. Access from the classic portal to storage accounts will no longer be supported. Azure resources that are in classic portal and that depend on storage accounts will continue to be accessible from the classic portal.

Portal:Updated Features
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 3 More

CDN:New Features
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
CDN Enhanced Integrations with App Services and Storage so you can add?CDN to your Azure web app service?or Azure storage account without leaving the respective portal experience. More

Portal:New Features
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
New Azure Service Catalog to enable organizations to package and curate managed applications approved for an organization’s use. More

Storage Blobs/Tables/Queues/Files:General Availability
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
Storage Service Encryption for Azure Files on all available redundancy types (LRS and GRS) at no additional cost, that ensures that all data being stored in Azure Files is encrypted using AES-256. More

Virtual Machines:General Availability
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
New capabilities for VM maintenance and availability, including Scheduled events and instance metadata API General Availability. With this new feature, applications running in a VM can learn about upcoming updates.?In the rare case that maintenance requires VM reboots or redeploy, we now offer the capability

Virtual Network:Preview Features
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
New previews of Azure Accelerated Network to reduce network latency and VM overhead by off-loading the VM network interface to an FPGA. More

SQL Database:New Features
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
Azure SQL Database enhancements including Managed Instance private preview, which offers SQL Server instance-level compatibility like VNET, SQL Agent, 3-part names, and CDC, making it even easier for you to migrate SQL Server apps to Azure SQL Database. We also announced preview coming soon for Graph

Functions:Preview Features
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
Azure Functions with Common Data Service is available in preview, to create and use Azure Functions with Common Data Service (CDS) to extend the functionality of apps. More

DevTest Labs:New Features
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
Managed disks support for Azure DevTest Labs including VM OS disks, data disks, and custom images that makes storage and cost management easier. More

Log Analytics:New Features
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 2
We are excited to extend our monitoring capabilities to Service Fabric containers. More

Security Center:Updated Features
5/10/2017 | Azure Notes | 3
We’ve refreshed the dashboard to make it easier for you to: Identify new issues with your Azure Virtual Machines and PaaS services Find those issues easily using the New alerts & incidents tile Get to work fast with the ROI on investigations by using the Most attacked resources tile Access more information