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Top 12 Tech Gifts of 2017: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
12/14/2017 | Office 365 Advisors | 7
We like tech, it’s what we do. As the holiday shopping season kicks into overdrive, we are bringing you 12 of the most requested, most wanted tech gifts for 2017. Check back each business day between now and December 19th for another must-have tech item and why you should check it out. The Samsung Galaxy

Cloud News
Visual Studio Online:Pricing Update
11/16/2017 | Azure Notes | 6
Visual Studio Mobile Center is now called Visual Studio App Center, which is generally available. Pricing meters are being update to reflect the change. More

Batch:Pricing Update
11/16/2017 | Azure Notes | 4
Effective January 1, 2018, the billing meter name for the Chaos Group V-Ray software will change from “VRay” to “V-Ray” to reflect the correct name of the software. Pricing won’t be affected, but you might need to modify billing routines that rely on meter names. More

SQL Data Warehouse:New Features
11/16/2017 | Azure Notes | 7
Azure SQL Data Warehouse now supports static resource classes (staticrc10 through staticrc80) in addition to the existing dynamic resource classes (smallrc, mediumrc, largerc, xlargerc). More

Security Center:New Features
11/16/2017 | Azure Notes | 7
Advisor brings an all-new dashboard to help you more easily review the overall status of your recommendations across multiple subscriptions, downloadable reports, and customization options to tune Advisor to your needs. You can tag resource groups that you want include in recommendations (for example,

Automation:Pricing Update
11/16/2017 | Azure Notes | 5
The PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) for the Azure Automation DSC service is expanding to include the ability to perform update management, collect inventory, and track changes across both Azure virtual machines and computers running in hybrid datacenters. Therefore, the billing meters are

Enhanced Azure Security for sending Emails – November 2017 Update
11/15/2017 | Azure Support Blog | 12
Azure is committed to stopping SPAM and reducing the customer impact caused by negative IP reputation.  Starting on November 15th, 2017, sending outbound email directly to external domains (such as, from a Virtual machine (VM) will be made available only to certain subscription

Productivity solutions in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Press | 14
In this sample chapter from Exam Ref 70-339 Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016, explore upgrade methods, customizations, and functionality provided within the SharePoint farm itself to improve productivity and business processes. This chapter shifts the focus away from the purely technical aspects

Manage Google Play Protect with Microsoft Intune
11/15/2017 | Windows Intune Team | 20
Enabling the modern workplace means empowering our users to be productive from anywhere and on any device. Mobile devices are a great way to stay in touch with colleagues, catch up on email, or add the finishing touches to a project. With the power of having company data at your fingertips comes the

Azure App Service Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Experience
11/15/2017 | Azure Fridays | 11
Steve Ernst joins Scott Hanselman to introduce App Service diagnostics, which is the home for diagnosing and troubleshooting problems with your app. This intelligent service was built to diagnose many different problems and suggest targeted solutions for the customer. For more information, see: New App

Microsoft to integrate Visual Studio with AI services
11/15/2017 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 15
Another piece of Microsoft's 'Open Mind Studio' falls into place: A new extension enabling developers to use AI services from inside Visual Studio.

Microsoft's Visual Studio Live Share to improve developer collaboration
11/15/2017 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 17
Microsoft plans to debut a new developer collaboration service in early 2018 that could make it easier for developers to work in tandem even when located remotely.

New multi-tenant patterns for building SaaS applications on SQL Database
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 11
We’re delighted to announce the availability of an expanded set of sample SaaS applications, each using a different database tenancy model on SQL Database.

Microsoft Cognitive Services updates for Microsoft Connect();
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 10
Microsoft Cognitive Services enables developers to augment the next generation of applications with the ability to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret needs using natural methods of communication. Think about the possibilities: being able to add vision and speech recognition, emotion and sentiment

Azure #CosmosDB @ Microsoft Connect(); 2017
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 6
Today, we’re excited to make several Azure Cosmos DB announcements.

Azure #CosmosDB extends support for MongoDB aggregation pipeline, unique indexes, and more
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 9
We're happy to announce that you can now do more within MongoDB queries and types in Azure Cosmos DB. With the latest service deployment, we have made the following improvements in MongoDB API.…

Azure DevOps Project – public preview
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 13
In today’s world, organizations need to innovate and get to market faster. That needs learning latest technologies, using them in your product and deploying at a faster pace. We are happy to announce the public preview of Azure DevOps Project.

Microsoft announces the general availability of Azure Time Series Insights
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 7
Today, we announced the general availability (GA) of Azure Time Series Insights (TSI).

Azure Stream Analytics now available on IoT Edge
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 7
Today, we are announcing the public preview of Azure Stream Analytics running on Azure IoT Edge. Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge empowers developers to deploy near-real-time analytical…

Announcing the general availability of Azure App Service diagnostics
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 12
Today, we are pleased to announce the general availability of App Service diagnostics. It provides an intelligent and interactive experience, analyzes what’s wrong with your web apps and quickly guides you to the right information to help troubleshoot and resolve issues faster.

Announcing general availability of Bash in Cloud Shell
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 12
Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Bash in Azure Cloud Shell. Bash in Cloud Shell provides an interactive web-based, Linux command-line experience from virtually anywhere. Learn more about Bash in Cloud Shell at

Expanding AI tools and resources for developers and data scientists on Azure
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 8
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as one of the most disruptive forces behind the digital transformation of business. Our mission is to bring AI to every developer and every organization on the planet, and help businesses augment human ingenuity in unique and differentiated ways.

Connect(“2017”).GetTopAnnouncementsList (“Cloud”,”Data”,”AI”);
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 9
Introducing Azure Databricks, Azure Cosmos DB with Apache Cassandra API, and Azure Database for MariaDB, to name a few…

Azure IoT Edge open for developers to build for the intelligent edge
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 5
As businesses learn to harness the transformational power of IoT, IoT devices are becoming a mission-critical business asset. Today, IoT solutions use IoT devices to sense things in the real world…

Dear Cassandra Developers, welcome to Azure #CosmosDB!
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 4
Today we're excited to launch native support for Apache Cassandra API in Azure Cosmos DB – offering you Cassandra as-a-service powered by Azure Cosmos DB. You can now experience the power of Azure Cosmos DB platform as a managed service with the familiarity of your favorite Cassandra SDKs and tools—without

MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL: more choices on Microsoft Azure
11/15/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 6
I am excited to join all of you virtually from Microsoft Connect(); and to share some of the highlights from our journey to enable a great database experience in Azure, especially for developers.