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Microsoft confirms Cortana integration, message translation coming to Teams later this year
3/12/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 3
Microsoft is going public with some of the coming new features for its Teams service, and says there are now 200,000 organizations using the product.

Cloud News
Sync SQL data in large scale using Azure SQL Data Sync
2/21/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 33
Azure SQL Data Sync allows users to synchronize data between Azure SQL Databases and SQL Server databases in one-direction or bi-direction.

Introducing backup for Azure file shares
2/21/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 35
Today, we are excited to announce the public preview of backup for Azure file shares. Azure Files is a cloud-first file share solution with support for industry standard SMB protocol.

Hello Azure: Unpacking how Microsoft moved its SAP workload to the cloud
2/20/2018 | Microsoft IT showcase | 25
Microsoft is heavily invested in SAP applications—it uses them extensively to run finance, human resources, global trade, supply chain, and other parts of its $89.5 billion global business. Doubling down on that investment, the company just finished moving its entire SAP landscape—an estimated 50 terabytes—to

Migrating to Azure SQL Database with zero downtime for read-only workloads
2/20/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 22
Microsoft uses an internally written service called MSAsset to manage all Microsoft data center hardware around the world. MSAsset is used for tracking Microsoft’s servers, switches, storage devices, and cables across the company and requires 24/7 availability to accommodate break-fix requirements.

Spring Security Azure AD: Wire up enterprise grade authentication and authorization
2/20/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 22
We are pleased to announce that Azure Active Directory is integrated with Spring Security to secure your Java web applications.

Cray in Azure for weather forecasting
2/20/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 23
When we announced our partnership with Cray, it was very exciting news. I received my undergraduate degree in meteorology, so my mind immediately went to how this could be a benefit to weather forecasting.

Microsoft Project: Symbolleiste für den Schnellzugriff anpassen
2/20/2018 | | 21
Analog zu allen Officeanwendungen ab Version 2007 können Sie in Project ab Version 2010 die Symbolleiste für den Schnellzugriff anpassen. Damit können Sie Befehle, die Sie häufig benötigen, sehr komfortabel für den einfachen Zugriff bereitstellen. Ohne Anpassung stehen die Befehle Speichern, Rückgängig

Tips for PowerApps-Using SharePoint Customize forms with Bing Maps visualization
2/19/2018 | | 20
PowerApps are very powerful and simple to use.Through the integration in SharePoint Online lists, we now can create our custom forms within a SharePoint site and add additional features as calculations, modifications and even visualizations. See here, how to integrate a map for showing a location instantly

How a national cybersecurity agency can help avoid a national cybersecurity quagmire
2/19/2018 | Microsoft secure | 17
This last October we saw more countries than ever participate in initiatives to raise cybersecurity awareness. What was once largely a US approach has evolved into events and initiatives around the world by governments, civil society groups, and private sector partners. This increased breadth and depth

ebook deal of the week: Windows 10 Step by Step, 2nd Edition
2/19/2018 | Microsoft Press | 15
Save 50%! Buy here. This offer expires on Sunday, February 25 at 7:00 AM GMT. This is learning made easy. Get more done quickly with the newest version of Windows 10. Jump in wherever you need answers—brisk lessons and colorful screenshots show you exactly what to do, step by step. Learn more   Terms

Nothing Held Back: Everything Revealed With New iPhone 8
2/19/2018 | Office 365 Advisors | 19
Here’s Everything New About The iPhone 8, Your New Virtual Assistant The latest iPhone fulfills its promise of features and fun, and a few extras for safety, too. When the first iPhone launched in 2007, were you one of the consumers waiting in line to get your hands on the latest technological innovation?

Last week in Azure: Azure SDK for Go GA, and more
2/19/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 19
Last week in Azure, the Azure SDK for GA became generally available, Microsoft Build registration opened, we announced Microsoft Startups with up to $120,000 in free Azure credits, and more.

Azure information protection user experience with external users
2/18/2018 | | 17
Due to the coming GDPR regulation in May 2018 many customers are working very actively towards this date and check their compliance and security environment. Many requests arise around Azure Information protection which gives customers the ability to classify and protect their data in an easy, reproducible

OneDrive oder OneDrive?
2/18/2018 | Hans Brender's Blog | 19
Sind Sie Verwirrt? Gut, dann sollten Sie weiterlesen. Erstaunt? Auch für Sie gilt: Weiter lesen. Und für alle anderen sowieso. Es sei denn Sie gehören zur Kategorie OneDrive Experte. Aber auch für diese Personen könnte es interessant sein, …. Zuerst: Es geht hier und heute nicht um technische Aspekte,

Next Generation Sync Client – OneDrive jumps 18 (18.025.0204.0003)
2/17/2018 | Hans Brender's Blog | 15
no, not 18 years nor 18 months. But the version number of the Next Generation Sync Client jumps over the 18. Microsoft has released on 02/16/2018, a Friday a new version with the number 18.025.0204.0003 18? Does the client sync program reach adulthood? NO. Once again, Microsoft manages to ignore quality

Next Generation Sync Client – OneDrive wird 18 (18.025.0204.0003)
2/17/2018 | Hans Brender's Blog | 13
Keine 18 Jahre, geschweige denn Monate. Aber der Next Generation Sync Client springt in seiner neuen Version über die 18. Microsoft hat am Freitag, 16.02.18 eine neue Version mit der Nummer 18.025.0204.0003 veröffentlicht. 18?, also erwachsen. Mitnichten. Microsoft schafft es wieder einmal, das Qualitätsmanagement

Episode 216 - HDInsights, Big Data & Open Source
2/16/2018 | The Azure Podcast | 13
Senior PM Pranav Rastogi is really passionate about all things Big Data and Open Source in this episode. He dives into the various open source tools that Microsoft has invested in to make it super-easy for our customers to work with Big Data in Azure. Media

SharePoint Framework Generator Updated to v1.4.1: Inspecting the Changes
2/16/2018 | Andrew Connell | 19
Read this post in its entirety on my site: SharePoint Framework Generator Updated to v1.4.1: Inspecting the ChangesIf you are interested in signing up to my newsletter to get the most recent posts via email, either visit my site and signup using the widget in the bottom-right corner, or just head to

Stale screenshot in Azure VM Boot Diagnostics
2/15/2018 | Azure Support Blog | 13
If you notice the Boot Diagnostics screenshot for your Azure VM is stale in the Azure portal, first make sure the virtual display timeout is disabled in the guest operating system. For example, for a Windows VM you may see the time shown on the logon screen is stale. For Windows, run the following command...

Book excerpt: Appending worksheets from a workbook
2/15/2018 | Microsoft Press | 13
One of the most common scenarios of working with Excel files is the existence of workbooks that have multiple worksheets of the same format. But, can all worksheets from a workbook be appended into a single table? Can new worksheets automatically be appended in the next refresh? For answers, read this

Microsoft updates Cognitive Services terms
2/15/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 19
We understand that the commitments we make about data are essential for any organization. To give customers more control, we’ve updated our Cognitive Services terms for customer data.

What's New in Azure Cosmos DB
2/15/2018 | Azure Fridays | 18
Kirill Gavrylyuk returns to Azure Friday to update Scott Hanselman on what's new in Azure Cosmos DB, such as the Cassandra API for applications that are written for Apache Cassandra, updates to the Azure Table storage API, the Apache Spark Connector, the Graph API, partitioned collections, 99.999% (five

Microsoft Visual Studio Code tool is now part of the Anaconda Python distribution
2/15/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 18
Microsoft is continuing to bang the AI drum with its developer tools, with its latest announcement that VS Code is shipping as part of the Anaconda Python distribution.

ExpressRoute monitoring with Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is now generally available
2/15/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 18
We are excited to share the general availability of ExpressRoute monitoring with Network Performance Monitor (NPM). A few months ago, we announced ExpressRoute Monitor with NPM in public preview…

Protect machines using managed disks between Azure regions using Azure Site Recovery
2/15/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 18
We are happy to announce that Azure Site Recovery (ASR) now provides you the ability to setup Disaster Recovery (DR) for IaaS VMs using managed disks. This feature is in public preview as part of the public preview of disaster recovery for Azure IaaS virtual machines.