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Help improve our Azure docs!
5/14/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 2
On a weekly basis, over 5 million people find help using Microsoft online help and documentation. Despite having over 380,000 pages of articles, references, and tutorials, we each have our own stories of painful gaps. Today, we’re introducing a new project, code-named Aladdin that can help us use machine

Cloud News
Have fun and draw awesome on the cosmic scale Azure #CosmosDB #PxDraw canvas today!
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 4
PxDraw is a massive, realtime drawing canvas, that allows you build pictures one pixel at a time in unison with thousands of other people from around the world. PxDraw is an experiment the Azure…

Azure #CosmosDB @ Build 2018: The catalyst for next generation apps
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 4
Today marks the 1-year anniversary of Azure Cosmos DB launch. This is a milestone that might seem relatively small, yet it is worth reflecting on how much innovation has…

Virtual Network Service Endpoints for Azure #CosmosDB is now generally available
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 5
Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database service for mission-critical applications. Azure Cosmos DB provides turnkey global distribution, elastic scaling...

Better integrations and higher productivity with Azure Event Grid
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 9
Since we announced general availability of Azure Event Grid, we have seen great adoption and received good feedback on what else you want to do with your event-driven architectures. Today we are...

Break through the serverless barriers with Azure Functions
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 8
Serverless technologies have hit a high level of maturity and awareness where several new customers from a diverse range of industries and geographies, are confidently going to production with it...

Azure mobile app is now generally available
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 9
Stay connected to your Azure resources – anytime, anywhere. The Azure mobile app gives you the freedom to access and monitor your Azure resources. You can keep an eye on your most important resources…

Azure AI Platform announcements: New innovations for developers
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 7
Today, at Microsoft Build 2018, as we engage in conversations about digital transformation with over a million developers, customers and partners, I am pleased to share some of our latest and most exciting innovations in the Azure AI Platform.

Accelerating AI on the intelligent edge: Microsoft and Qualcomm create vision AI developer kit
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 7
Today at the Microsoft Build developer conference, we are announcing a partnership with Qualcomm, one of the largest mobile and IoT chipset manufacturers in the world...

Microsoft empowers developers with new and updated Cognitive Services
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 7
Today at the Build 2018 conference, we are unveiling several exciting new innovations for Microsoft Cognitive Services on Azure. At Microsoft, we believe any developer should be able to integrate the…

What’s new with Azure IoT Edge?
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 1
At Microsoft Build 2017 we shared our vision for Azure IoT Edge. At that time we demonstrated the idea of what Azure IoT Edge could do with Azure Stream Analytics job and Azure Machine Learning…

Kubernetes on Azure: Industry’s best end-to-end Kubernetes experience
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 1
With Kubernetes exploding in popularity worldwide, it’s no surprise that Kubernetes usage on Azure has grown more than 10x over the last year. Customers love the agility, reliability...

New Integrations for GitHub Developers
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 1
Today we are announcing integrations between GitHub and two Microsoft products: App Center and Outlook. Ship Mobile Apps Faster with App Center and the GitHub Checks API GitHub now detects when a…

New Azure innovations are helping developers write code today for tomorrow’s technology challenges
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 1
This morning, at the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle, I talked about the key areas of new Azure innovation that enable the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge.

Introducing the Azure Terraform Resource Provider
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 1
We are pleased to announce a private preview of a new Azure Resource Provider for HashiCorp Terraform which will enable Azure customers using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to provision and configure dependent resources with Terraform Providers as if they were native Azure Resource Providers.

Microsoft Conversational AI tools enable developers to build, connect and manage intelligent bots
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 2
Conversational AI is the next user interface (UI) wave in computing. We’ve evolved from a world of having to learn and adapt to computers to one where they’re learning how to understand and interact…

Announcing Microsoft's own Content Delivery Network
5/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 2
In Azure, we understand that the breadth and scale of the cloud demands an ever-evolving commitment to continuously improve the customer experience and help our customers...

Project Online: Missing Work in Capacity Planning View
5/7/2018 | | 13
If you start with a new Project Online instance, you will miss Work in Capacity Planning views. Previously, you saw Work displayed in all Project Server installations and in Project Online instances created in the past, without any additional actions. To see work assigned to a resource, you select resources

Impressions of the Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 in Linz
5/6/2018 | | 10
On April 21st, this year’s Global Azure Bootcamp took place in 244 locations in 68 countries. We were happy to follow the invitation of coding-club-linz who – as in the last years - organized the community event perfectly in Linz in Austria. With 5 tracks and about 200 attendees the #GlobalAzure event

Interview zu OneDrive, OneDrive for Business und Synchronisation
5/5/2018 | Hans Brender's Blog | 18
Thomas Maier von der Office 365 Akademie hat mich über OneDrive interviewt. Nützliche Informationen zu OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint,  Synchronisation und vieles mehr. Hier geht es zur Video-Aufzeichnung Advertisements

OneDrive – Neuheiten: neue Dateiformate, Restore mit Anleitung
5/5/2018 | Hans Brender's Blog | 16
keine großen Neuheiten, aber doch einige News, die für bestimmte Benutzer sehr interessant sein könnten:   Neue Dateiformate für OneDrive, SharePoint und Teams weitere 30 neue Dateiformate hat Microsoft in der Webansicht spendiert. Damit ist die Bibliothek auf über 300 Dateitypen angewachsen. Der Original

SharePoint Konferenz in Wien – Modernes Arbeiten mit OneDrive
5/5/2018 | Hans Brender's Blog | 12
Im Studio 44 in Wien öffnet am 25.-27.Juni 2018 die SharePoint Konferenz ihre Türen. Ich freue mich, dass ich am Mittwoch dort dann über “Modernes Arbeiten mit OneDrive” sprechen darf. Sieht man sich dort? Advertisements

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 April 2018 Update for Windows 10 IoT
5/4/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 18
Windows 10 IoT Core and Enterprise are both getting new features as part of the April 2018 Update feature refresh.

Azure.Source - Volume 30
5/4/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 13
Keep current on what's happening in Azure, including what's now in preview, generally available, news & updates, and more.

Azure M-series VMs are now SAP HANA certified
5/4/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 14
In December 2017, we announced general availability of the Azure M-series virtual machines (VM). These VMs host on the most powerful cloud hardware that is available across all public cloud providers.…

Announcing first-class support for CloudEvents on Azure
5/4/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 14
The value of events is growing exponentially, there are a plethora of diverse sources and consumers of events across public clouds, private clouds, and even at the edge.