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ADAL.NET 3.17.0 released
10/11/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 4
ADAL.NET (Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory) is an authentication library which enables developers to acquire tokens from Azure AD and ADFS, to be used to access Microsoft APIs or applications registered with Azure Active Directory. ADAL.NET is available on several .NET platforms (Desktop,

Cloud News
Microsoft adds support for Java to its Azure Functions serverless-computing service
10/4/2017 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 13
Microsoft is announcing at JavaOne that Java support is coming to its Azure Functions serverless service, fulfilling one of its biggest developer requests.

Getting AWS CloudFront CDN Cache Status with Fiddler
10/4/2017 | Rene Modery | 10
For a customer project I’m working on at the moment, we are using AWS CloudFront as a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve the global performance of a public website. Users in regions far away from the server should be able to view the website much faster thanks to it being cached on a CloudFront

Provision on-demand Spark clusters on Docker using Azure Batch's infrastructure
10/4/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 8
Azure Distributed Data Engineering Toolkit - a open source python CLI tool that allows you to provision on-demand Spark clusters and submit Spark jobs directly from your CLI.

Announcing the preview of Java support for Azure Functions
10/4/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 7
Serverless provides a great model for accelerating app development, but developers want to do it using the programming languages and development tools of their choice. Ever since we first released…

Announcing the general availability of Azure Application Insights SDK for Node.js 1.0
10/4/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 9
At Microsoft, we are committed to enabling great experiences for developers building and running Node.js apps on Azure. Today, we are announcing the general availability of the Azure Application…

Office 365 Update: Attention views
10/4/2017 | Jasper Oosterveld | 5
Attention views for SharePoint libraries that are missing required metadata are a new Office 365 feature. You’ll begin seeing this feature in the coming weeks. How does this affect me? Attention views, which were announced at Ignite 2017, aggregate files that require custom metadata into actionable screens

Office 365 Update: Simplified secure external sharing
10/4/2017 | Jasper Oosterveld | 6
We’re updating how secure external sharing works in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. We’ll begin rolling this feature out in the next few days. How does this affect me? If your OneDrive and SharePoint Online external sharing settings are set to allow sharing with new external users, new external

Office 365 Update: Usage Reports
10/4/2017 | Jasper Oosterveld | 7
We continue to update the usage reports in the Office 365 admin center to provide you with a complete picture of how your organization is using Office 365. We’re releasing new usage reporting capabilities that will help organizations drive end user adoption. You’ll be seeing these new features in the

Batch:Preview Features
10/4/2017 | Azure Notes | 5
We are excited to announce our beta release of the Azure Distributed Data Engineering Toolkit - an open source python CLI tool that allows you to provision on-demand Spark clusters and submit Spark jobs directly from your CLI using Azure Batch. More

Application Insights:General Availability
10/4/2017 | Azure Notes | 3
Today, we are announcing the general availability of the Azure Application Insights SDK for Node.js 1.0, the culmination of many successful iterations and built on listening to customer feedback. More

App Services:Preview Features
10/4/2017 | Azure Notes | 7
Today, at JavaOne in San Francisco, we’re announcing the public preview of Java support in Azure Functions. More

Next Generation Sync Client | Synchronisation mit OnPremise und IRM
10/4/2017 | Hans Brender's Blog | 5
Synchronisation von Dateien von SharePoint onPremise Viele warten schon seit geraumer Zeit darauf. Dass Microsoft endlich eine Möglichkeit auf den Weg bringt, Dateien von SharePoint onPremise ohne lästige Beschränkungen und ohne nicht nachvollziehbare Fehlermeldungen auf ein lokales Gerät zu synchronisieren.

Backup:Preview Features
10/4/2017 | Azure Notes | 5
We are excited to announce that you can now use Azure CLI to easily manage your Windows and Linux Azure VM backups using Azure Backup. With Azure Backup, you can backup Azure Windows and Linux VMs, VMs running on Premium storage, and on Managed Disks as well with application-consistency. Now with CLI

Azure App Service with Hybrid Connections to On-premises Resources
10/3/2017 | Azure Fridays | 6
Christina Compy joins Scott Hanselman to talk about the recently relaunched App Service Hybrid Connections.?This feature enables your apps in the App Service to reach resources on other networks.?Those other networks can be in Azure, on-premises or networks in other cloud providers.?For more information,

The legendary meeting that accelerated our cloud journey
10/3/2017 | Microsoft IT showcase | 4
Over the course of a career, there may be one or two legendary meetings – the kind that change everything. One of Brad Wright’s came a few years ago when, at the end of a presentation, he showed a group of IT leaders at Microsoft a picture of an empty server room. IT was no... The post The legendary

IT Showcase at Microsoft Ignite: The best way to predict the future is to create IT
10/3/2017 | Microsoft IT showcase | 5
Microsoft Ignite attendees each received a t-shirt with the words, “The best way to predict the future is to create IT.” Clever play on words aside, what exactly does that mean? The IT Showcase team wrapped the week at Ignite by wandering the expo floor to discuss this phrase with IT pros and leaders. The

Microsoft acquires social virtual-reality startup AltspaceVR
10/3/2017 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 8
Microsoft also takes the wraps off another Mixed Reality headset and reiterates its Windows Mixed Reality vision at its Windows Mixed Reality showcase in San Francisco.

Tableau Server now available in Azure Government Marketplace
10/3/2017 | Microsoft Azure Government | 11
Overview Government and its partners depend on business intelligence tools to visualize, analyze, and share data to make more informed decisions. Today we've expanded the portfolio of BI solutions available on Azure with the addition of Tableau Server in Azure Government. Tableau Server is now available

Microsoft announces next Azure OpenDev: October 25, 2017
10/3/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 8
I’m so excited to announce that the next episode of Azure OpenDev, our live technical series featuring open source community leaders, will be streaming live on October 25 at 9:00 AM (Pacific Time). This time we’re featuring DevOps, which increases business agility by delivering business value to customers

From the MVPs: Power BI Tutorial and Advice on Data Relationships
10/3/2017 | Microsoft Press | 5
This is the 59th in our series of guest posts by Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs). You can click here to see all past MVP articles. Since the early 1990s, Microsoft has recognized technology champions around the world with the MVP Award. MVPs freely share their knowledge, real-world experience,

Manage your Azure VM backups with Azure CLI 2.0 - Preview
10/3/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 4
We are excited to announce that you can now use Azure CLI 2.0 to easily manage your Windows and Linux Azure VM backups. Take advantage of CLI 2.0 features such as smart defaults for the most common operations, tab completion and pipe-able outputs to simply and quickly manage your VM backup and recovery

#OSSFridays Skype meetup is back!
10/3/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 5
Join us for Open Source Fridays meetup via Skype with the Azure Global Black belts (GBBs). This online meet-up style Skype session will cover various Open Source and Linux solutions in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. We will highlight various ways Microsoft has embraced open source and the contributions back

Advanced Threat Analytics security research network technical analysis: NotPetya
10/3/2017 | Microsoft secure | 4
This post is authored by Igal Gofman, Security Researcher, Advanced Threat Analytics. On June 27, 2017 reports on a new variant of Petya (which was later referred to as NotPetya) malware infection began spreading across the globe. It seems the malwares initial infection delivered via the “M.E.doc” update

Achieve better savings with best-in-class cost management on Azure
10/3/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 5
Last week at Ignite, our customers and partners like UPS, HSBC, Ernest & Young, and more shared incredible stories of how they are transforming their IT and businesses with Azure – revamping dev/test processes, modernizing applications, running mission critical workloads such as SAP, and taking their

Announcing CSV format support for Usage Details API for Enterprise Azure customers
10/3/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 2
We are very pleased to announce the Public Preview of the CSV format support for the Azure Consumption and Charge Usage Detail API. In Aug 2017, we released the generally available version of the Azure Consumption and Charge APIs with JSON format support.