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Microsoft confirms Cortana integration, message translation coming to Teams later this year
3/12/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 3
Microsoft is going public with some of the coming new features for its Teams service, and says there are now 200,000 organizations using the product.

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Update management, inventory, and change tracking in Azure Automation now generally available
3/8/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 29
Azure Automation provides the ability to automate, configure, and deploy updates across your hybrid environment using serverless automation. These capabilities are now generally available.

A digital transformation Journey featuring Contoso Manufacturing and Azure IoT
3/8/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 28
The story of a digital transformation for a virtual company with Azure IoT services and solutions

Azure’s layered approach to physical security
3/8/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 30
Azure helps provide a highly secure foundation, built from the ground up, to host your infrastructure, applications, and data.

Microsoft: Switching out of Windows 10 S Mode will be free for all
3/8/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 31
Microsoft is officially acknowledging that Windows 10 S Mode will be coming 'soon' to all editions of Windows 10 -- and moving off it to a fully-featured version of the OS will be free for all users.

New Windows 10 'Redstone 5' test build adds Sets, tabbed File Explorer
3/7/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 30
Microsoft is reintroducing its Sets windows-management technology in its latest Windows 10 Redstone 5 test build.

Behavior monitoring combined with machine learning spoils a massive Dofoil coin mining campaign
3/7/2018 | Microsoft secure | 33
Just before noon on March 6 (PST), Windows Defender AV blocked more than 80,000 instances of several sophisticated trojans that exhibited advanced cross-process injection techniques, persistence mechanisms, and evasion methods. Behavior-based signals coupled with cloud-powered machine learning models

Microsoft pitches Windows 10 as an AI platform for developers
3/7/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 31
Microsoft's latest AI-infused message is that Windows 10 Redstone 4 will give developers a unique AI platform. But what does this really mean?

EMS news roundup: February 2018
3/7/2018 | Windows Intune Team | 19
Heres a quick recap of news and announcements for EMS last month: Decentralized digital identities and blockchain: the future as we see it Microsoft is committed to working closely with our customers, partners, and the community to unlock the next generation of digital identity-based experiences. People

How Office 365 protects your organization from modern phishing campaigns
3/7/2018 | Microsoft secure | 25
This post is authored by Debraj Ghosh, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft 365 Security. We often allude to the benefits of having an integrated threat protection stack in Office 365. Today we wanted to take the opportunity to walk you through how the combined features and services in the Office

Build Spring Boot 2.0 apps with Azure Starters and new VSCode extensions
3/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 25
Spring fans, we are excited to announce full support of Spring Boot 2.0 on the Spring Boot Starters for Azure, already available on Spring Initializr. Plus, with new Java and Spring extensions for…

Faster Metric Alerts for Logs now in limited public preview
3/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 26
I am happy to share the public preview of a new capability – Metric Alerts on Logs for OMS Log Analytics. With this capability, customers can get lower latency alerts from logs. Interested…read on!

Announcing Storage Service Encryption with customer managed keys general availability
3/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 25
Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Azure Storage Service Encryption with customer managed keys integrated with Azure Key Vault for Azure Blob Storage.

Introducing SQL Information Protection for Azure SQL Database and on-premises SQL Server!
3/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 26
We are delighted to announce the public preview of SQL Information Protection, introducing advanced capabilities built into Azure SQL Database for discovering, classifying, labeling, and protecting…

Microsoft and Esri launch Geospatial AI on Azure
3/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 13
Integrating geography and location information with AI brings a powerful new dimension to understanding the world around us. This has a wide range of applications in a variety of segments, including…

Azure SQL Database now offers zone redundant Premium databases and elastic pools
3/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 18
The Premium service tier includes multiple redundant replicas for each database that are automatically provisioned in the same datacenter. This design leverages the SQL Server AlwaysON technology and…

Making Azure the best place for all your applications and data
3/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 15
The confluence of cloud, data and AI is driving unprecedented change. The ability to utilize data and turn it into breakthrough actions and experiences, is foundational to innovation today.…

Public preview of Java on App Service, built-in support for Tomcat and OpenJDK
3/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 15
A couple of months back, we announced the general availability of App Service on Linux, starting with support for .NET Core, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, and custom Docker containers. Today, we are glad to…

Migrate your databases to a fully managed service with Azure SQL Database Managed Instance
3/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 16
We’re excited to announce the preview of Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, a new deployment option in SQL Database that streamlines the migration of SQL Server workloads to a fully managed…

Just-in-Time VM Access is generally available
3/7/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 14
Azure Security Center provides several threat prevention mechanisms to help you reduce surface areas susceptible to attack. One of those mechanisms is Just-in-Time (JIT) VM Access. Today we are…

Windows PCs gain share in K-12 in the U.S., but Chromebooks still dominate
3/6/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 23
Sales of sub-$300 Windows PCs is helping Microsoft grow Windows' share in the U.S. K-12 education market. But internationally, Chrome OS' and Android's shares are up.

Debian, Kali Linux distributions now available in the Microsoft Store
3/6/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 24
Microsoft is making good on its promise from a year ago to make more Linux distributions available from the Microsoft Store for use on Windows 10's subsystem for Linux.

Tips for getting started on your security deployment
3/6/2018 | Microsoft secure | 22
This blog is part of a series that responds to common questions we receive from customers about how to most effectively deploy Microsoft 365 Security. In this series youll find context, answers, and guidance for deployment and driving adoption within your organization. This past year, weve been listening

Microsoft targets university students with new Azure for Students plan
3/6/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 22
Microsoft is adding a second student-focused plan for Azure to its line-up, which includes free access to a number of the company's AI services.

NCv3 VMs generally available, other GPUs expanding regions
3/6/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 21
When we announced the preview of our new NCv3 virtual machines back in November, I knew they’d be very popular with our customers. NCv3 brings NVIDIA’s latest GPU – the Tesla V100 – to our best…

Visibility into network activity with Traffic Analytics - now in public preview
3/6/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 21
Announcing the public preview of Traffic Analytics, a cloud-based flow monitoring solution that provides visibility into user and application traffic on your cloud networks.