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ADAL.NET 3.17.0 released
10/11/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 4
ADAL.NET (Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory) is an authentication library which enables developers to acquire tokens from Azure AD and ADFS, to be used to access Microsoft APIs or applications registered with Azure Active Directory. ADAL.NET is available on several .NET platforms (Desktop,

Cloud News
Office 365 update: Forms Panel in Modern lists and Custom Forms with PowerApps
10/14/2017 | Jasper Oosterveld | 8
Forms Panel for modern lists and Custom Forms with PowerApps are new Office 365 features. You’ll begin seeing these features in the next few weeks. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 16115. How does this affect me? This change makes for a much quicker experience for adding new items,

Office 365 update: Flow Launch Panel
10/14/2017 | Jasper Oosterveld | 8
We are happy to announce that the Flow Launch Panel will be coming to our First Release users and tenants in SharePoint Online in the coming weeks. This capability was announced at Ignite 2017 and was mentioned in our earlier blog post around reinventing business processes, linked below. We will also

AMA: Co-management with Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager
10/13/2017 | Windows Intune Team | 35
Hello Everyone! We are having another Ask Microsoft Anything with the Configuration Manager team. This time we are focusing on a specific topic: co-management with Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager. The co-management feature team will be there to answer your questions and listen

ILB ASE and Application Gateway
10/13/2017 | Azure Fridays | 28
Christina Compy joins Scott Hanselman to talk about exposing your internet-isolated apps with an Application Gateway. This enables you to securely host multi-tier applications on an Internal Load Balancer (ILB) App Service Environment (ASE) and only expose the front-end applications that you want to

Presenting at Collab365 Global (online) Conference on SharePoint Framework Extensions
10/13/2017 | Andrew Connell | 9
Read this post in its entirety on my site: Presenting at Collab365 Global (online) Conference on SharePoint Framework ExtensionsIf you are interested in signing up to my newsletter to get the most recent posts via email, either visit my site and signup using the widget in the bottom-right corner, or

New OS 10.13 High Sierra Drops Office for Mac 2011 Support  
10/13/2017 | Office 365 Advisors | 8
Mac users of Microsoft Office 2011 may be in for a nasty shock after upgrading to High Sierra, as Microsoft has announced that it’s no longer supported.  Even Office 2016 users may encounter difficulties.  It may be no surprise that when you Google “MS Office for Mac”, that the majority of the results

Batch:Preview Features
10/13/2017 | Azure Notes | 8
Azure Batch AI helps you train deep learning and other machine learning models by using GPU and CPU clusters. There is no additional charge for using Batch AI beyond the underlying compute and other resources consumed. Batch AI supports both standard and low-priority virtual machines. Only Linux virtual

Using tech to ease the fear of unexpected US travel ban
10/12/2017 | Microsoft IT showcase | 26
When President Donald Trump announced that people from some countries would be banned from travelling to the United States, many Microsoft employees began to worry, even panic. The company has many thousands of visa-dependent employees working in the United States, and though only a few are from the

New video: Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework
10/12/2017 | Microsoft Press | 38
We’re pleased to announce that we have a new video available for purchase! Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework, with Microsoft MVP Joe Mayo, offers more than five hours of instruction. SPECIAL OFFER: Through October 31, 2017, save 50% on the purchase of this video when you pre-order the related ebook,

Easily create securely configured virtual machines
10/12/2017 | Microsoft secure | 32
This blog post is authored by Jonathan Trull, Cheif Security Advisor, Enterprise Cybersecurity Group. While a securely configured operating system is essential to repelling todays cyber attacks, the base images provided by vendors do not come pre-hardened and require significant research, expertise,

Microsoft Cognitive Services - How Content Moderator helps to boost online safety
10/12/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 14
Microsoft Cognitive Services enables developers to augment the next generation of applications with the ability to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret needs using natural methods of communication. Content Moderator is part of Cognitive Services allowing businesses to use machine-assisted moderation

Put your databases on autopilot with a lift and shift to Azure SQL Database
10/12/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 15
Azure SQL Database is the perfect choice to deliver the right mix of operational efficiencies, optimized for performance and cost, enabling you to focus on business enablement to accelerate growth and innovation.

Unifying monitoring and security for Kubernetes on Azure Container Service
10/12/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 16
Unifying monitoring and security for Kubernetes on Azure Container Service

Hardening Azure Analysis Services with the new firewall capability
10/12/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 15
Azure Analysis Services (Azure AS) is designed with security in mind and takes advantage of the security features available on the Azure platform. For example, integration with Azure Active Directory…

How Azure Security Center unveils suspicious PowerShell attack
10/12/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 14
In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), we have a new post in our series highlighting real-world attacks that Azure Security Center helped detect, investigate and mitigate. This post is about an attack which used PowerShell to run malicious code and collect user credentials.

Jenkins Plugins for Kubernetes
10/12/2017 | Azure Fridays | 27
Pui Chee "PC" Chan joins Scott Hanselman to discuss native support for Jenkins in Azure. Our plugins make it easy for you to build your project using a container agent and then automate deployment from Jenkins to an Azure Container Service Kubernetes cluster.For more information, see:Announcing Deploy

Automation:Preview Features
10/12/2017 | Azure Notes | 8
Azure Automation now supports update management, inventory, and change tracking. These capabilities are currently in preview. Update management delivers visibility of update compliance across Azure, on-premises, and other clouds for both Windows and Linux. Create scheduled deployments to orchestrate

Microsoft Windows 10, Server 2016 patching error borks users' systems
10/11/2017 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 26
Patches that Microsoft published for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 have resulted in problems for some business users. Here are some ways administrators can fix things.

What Am I Missing? How to see the users you’re denied from seeing
10/11/2017 | Microsoft secure | 14
This blog post is authored by Michael Dubinsky, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft ATA / Azure ATP. Recently Andy (@_wald0) and Will (@harmj0y), who are amazing contributors to the security community, have published the whitepaperAn ACE Up the Sleeve: Designing Active Directory DACL Backdoors. In this whitepaper

Episode 199 - Blockchain Update
10/11/2017 | The Azure Podcast | 10
Cale Teeter gives us the latest scoop on all the things Microsoft is doing in the Blockchain space. (Cale in Kiev talking about Blockchain) Media file:   Other updates:  Announcing Azure Files share snapshots public preview Get

Data Science Virtual Machines are now available on Azure Government Cloud
10/11/2017 | Microsoft Azure Government | 17
This post was co-authored by: Gopi Kumar, Principal Program Manager, AI and Research For any questions, feel free to contact Gopi on Twitter: @zenlytix We are happy to announce the availability of the Data Science Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. Microsoft's Data Science Virtual Machine

Creating charts and objects
10/11/2017 | Microsoft Press | 14
In this sample chapter from MOS 2016 Study Guide for Microsoft Excel, learn about exam objectives related to presenting data in charts and enhancing worksheets through images, business diagrams, and text boxes. The skills tested in this section of the Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Microsoft Excel

Optimize the planet: Are VMs the last hiding place for IT Pros in the cloud?
10/11/2017 | Microsoft IT showcase | 16
Innovation and new technology are driving our shift to the cloud, but the cultural transformation that we must go through to allow this transition to occur is more profound and impactful. The root of why we move software and technology to the cloud is to better serve individuals and solve cool problems.

Presenting at IT/Dev Connections in San Francisco on the SharePoint Framework
10/11/2017 | Andrew Connell | 14
Read this post in its entirety on my site: Presenting at IT/Dev Connections in San Francisco on the SharePoint FrameworkIf you are interested in signing up to my newsletter to get the most recent posts via email, either visit my site and signup using the widget in the bottom-right corner, or just head

Announcing Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL availability in Canada and Brazil
10/11/2017 | Microsoft Azure | 15
We’re excited to announce the public preview of Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL in Canada (Central and East) and Brazil (Brazil South) data centers. The availability of…