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Microsoft confirms Cortana integration, message translation coming to Teams later this year
3/12/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 3
Microsoft is going public with some of the coming new features for its Teams service, and says there are now 200,000 organizations using the product.

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Why Windows Defender Antivirus is the most deployed in the enterprise
3/22/2018 | Microsoft secure | 0
Statistics about the success and sophistication of malware can be daunting. The following figure is no different: Approximately 96% of all malware is polymorphic meaning that it is only experienced by a single user and device before it is replaced with yet another malware variant. This is because in

Next Generation Sync Client – New Insider Version 18.044.0301.0005
3/22/2018 | Hans Brender's Blog | 1
On 21.03.18 Microsoft has released a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client. It is an insiders version and unfortunately there are no details, which has changed. In the meantime, the NGSC client plays a fundamental role, but without details it is not easy to see what has changed. That’s why I

Microsoft bullish on Congress' inclusion of CLOUD Act in funding bill
3/22/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 0
Now that the CLOUD Act has been added to a U.S. government spending bill, resolution over the government's role in cross-border data privacy may be a step closer to resolution.

Join Microsoft at the GPU Technology Conference
3/22/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 0
High-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and visualization GPUs have a wide variety of uses. That’s why Microsoft has partnered with NVIDIA to bring a wide variety of NVIDIA GPUs to Azure. Join us in San Jose next week at NVIDIA’s GPU technology conference to learn how Azure customers combine

Azure Event Hubs integration with Apache Spark now generally available
3/22/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 0
The Event Hubs team is happy to announce the general availability of our integration with Apache Spark. Now, Event Hubs users can use Spark to easily build end-to-end streaming applications.

Unlock your data’s potential with Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure Databricks
3/22/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 0
Getting the most out of your data is critical for any business in a competitive environment. Businesses need the ability to get the right data into the right hands at the right time. Azure Databricks…

Azure Databricks, industry-leading analytics platform powered by Apache Spark™
3/22/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 0
The confluence of cloud, data, and AI is driving unprecedented change. The ability to utilize data and turn it into breakthrough insights is foundational to innovation today...

Announcing Terraform availability in the Azure Marketplace
3/22/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 0
In addition to Terraform already being integrated to the Azure Cloud Shell, I’m pleased to announce the availability of the new Terraform solution in the Azure Marketplace. This solution will enable…

Next Generation Sync Client – Neue Insider Version 18.044.0301.0005
3/22/2018 | Hans Brender's Blog | 1
Am 21.03.18 hat Microsoft eine neue Version des Next Generation Sync Client zur Verfügung gestellt. Es handelt sich um eine Insiders Version und dafür gibt es leider keine Details, was sich verändert hat. Mittlerweile nimmt Der Client eine elementare Rolle ein, aber ohne Details ist es nicht gerade einfach

Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Azure Government Now Consumes EA Monetary Commitment
3/21/2018 | Microsoft Azure Government | 4
Red Hat Enterprise Linux now consumes EA Monetary Commitment Azure Marketplace third-party reseller services now use Azure monetary commitment We are expanding the use of Azure Monetary Commitment! As of March 1, 2018, the third-party reseller services available on the Azure Marketplace—and listed below—consume

Microsoft takes wraps off Dynamics 365 Spring update coming in April
3/21/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 5
Microsoft's Dynamics 365 'Spring '18' refresh across its various services is coming next month. Here are highlights of what's included.

Expanding Azure Government Marketplace – March 2018
3/21/2018 | Microsoft Azure Government | 5
Sarah Weldon, Azure Government Azure Government Marketplace ecosystem continues to grow! Since December 2017, over 80 new offers went live in Azure Government. We highlight a few including new publishers below: CentOS 7.4 – Rogue Wave Software (formerly OpenLogic) Data Flow Instance Powered by Apache

The next generation of Azure Alerts has arrived
3/21/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 3
Today, we are announcing the general availability of the next generation of alerts in Azure. With Azure Monitoring Services, you can set up alerts to monitor the metrics and log data for the entire…

Columnstore support in Standard tier Azure SQL Databases
3/21/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 3
We are pleased to announce the general availability of columnstore index features for Standard databases in the S3 and above pricing tiers. These features will enable a number of new and valuable…

Build your next iOS and Android game with $2,500+ of gaming services
3/21/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 3
To celebrate PlayFab’s first year at GDC as part of the Microsoft family, we are launching a special offer for developers featuring more than $2,500 worth of PlayFab, App Center, and Azure services…

How to get started with Azure Government
3/20/2018 | Microsoft Azure Government | 9
This blog was contributed by Stuart McKee, Chief Technology Officer, US State and Local Government, Microsoft Corporation Many government agencies would like to take their first steps toward adopting cloud services. With so many options available, it’s hard to know where to start, and the idea of modernizing

Forgot to renew your Office 365 group? Restore it!
3/20/2018 | | 6
Office 365 Groups retention policies are very helpful to reduce orphaned groups in an organization’s tenant. Kindly, the Office 365 system sends out notifications to inform the group owner(s) to renew a group – or that a group will be deleted. What, if you oversee such a notification? See here how to

Microsoft readies new cloud SSD storage spec for the Open Compute Project
3/20/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 8
Microsoft's latest planned contribution to the OCP is a new spec for standardizing SSD storage firmware interfaces for use in cloud datacenters.

New video: Microsoft Office 365 Administration Inside Out
3/20/2018 | Microsoft Press | 8
We’re pleased to announce that we have a new video available for purchase! Microsoft Office 365 Administration Inside Out, with 16-time Microsoft MVP, Brien Posey, offers more than seven hours of instruction. View at the Microsoft Press Store. This video is also available on Safari. Overview This video

Microsoft delivers first test build of Windows Server 2019
3/20/2018 | ZDNet All About Microsoft | 7
Microsoft is releasing to Insider testers its first test build of Windows Server 2019, due later this year, which will be its next Long-Term Servicing Channel release of its OS.

Accelerate your security deployment with FastTrack for Microsoft 365
3/20/2018 | Microsoft secure | 8
This blog is part of a series that responds to common questions we receive from customers about Microsoft 365 Security and Enterprise Mobility + Security. In this series youll find context, answers, and guidance for deployment and driving adoption within your organization. Inpart one of this series,

Deploying WordPress Application using Visual Studio Team Services and Azure – Part two
3/20/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 6
This post is the second part of two blog posts describing how to setup a CI/CD pipeline using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) for deploying a Dockerized custom WordPress website working with Azure WebApp for Containers and Azure Database for MySQL.

SONiC, the network innovation powerhouse behind Azure
3/20/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 6
This week is OCP Summit 2018, and I cannot think of a better time to do a status update on our Open Source fabric powering our cloud. Since joining OCP back in 2014, I have always been a huge...

Azure Redis Cache feature updates
3/20/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 6
We are pleased to announce that firewall and reboot functions are now supported in all three Azure Redis Cache tiers. We have been making these previously premium-only features available to the basic and standard tiers at no additional cost.

How to get more leads and close deals faster with Microsoft’s Marketplaces
3/20/2018 | Microsoft Azure | 6
Cloud software sales are rapidly increasing in both scope and magnitude. As more customers and businesses turn to cloud solutions for their business issues, the market for software solutions has…